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The ultimate perfect TOP 5 BOHO HEADPIECES for 2021

Aktualisiert: 2. Jan. 2021

In this blog post i will show you the most picture perfect and trend boho headpieces for the upcoming year. Here are my TOP 5 picks. I hope you enjoy them and find some inspiration.


First i will start with the brides favorite headband "FLORA". It gives you such a romantic-boho bridal look. It's perfectly tuned in with its filigree way and tiny pearls. Matching with almost every hair style, for example updo, half-updo and loose hair.


And of course this glorious piece of art can't be missing in this list: headband "NETA". This headpiece is different from every other you have ever seen before. It is very unique and special, because it is a boho headband and still has a very pretty sparkle to it, adding a little spice into your boho-bridal-look.


Real flowers are beautiful, but they are not for the eternity. Not with "LILLY". It's vegan and the most mesmerizing boho-crown ever. Now it's time to shine because "LILLY" is a statement piece. Yet again wearable with all kinds of hair styles.

4. Fiona

“FIONA” is a magical headpiece, which gives you the boho fairy bridal look. It’s perfect for any located wedding, but I can imagine that this beauty will look gorgeous at a beach wedding or at a fairy garden wedding.


Now something different. The hair comb “AZUL” is a small headpiece with a big impact. With various details and gorgeous material it is a real eye-catcher. You can wear it with all hair styles, but I like it to the side with a deep side part and beachy waves.

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